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Recent Publications

Education and Family Health Care Spending.
Alan C. Monheit and Irina B. Grafova
Michael Grossman's seminal work on the demand for health extended the concept of a household production function to the commodity “good health.” In this framework, education represents an “environmental variable” that enhances the monetary returns to investments in health through the use of time and medical care in health production.
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How Does Actual Unemployment and the Perceived Risk of Joblessness Affect Smoking Behavior? Gender and Intra-family Effects
Irina B. Grafova and Alan C. Monheit
Using the 1999–2011 waves of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, we examine how actual unemployment and the perceived risk of joblessness, as reflected by exogenous aggregate unemployment rates, are related to changes in smoking behavior.
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Treating the Child or Syndrome: Does Context Matter for Treatment Decisions for Antisocially Behaving Youth?
Kathleen J. Pottick, Xin Tian, Stuart A. Kirk, and Derek K. Hsieh
Using a between-subject 3 × 3 design of an experimentally manipulated realistic case vignette of Black, White, and Hispanic youth in a survey mailed to 1540 experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers, the authors examined if clinicians alter their judgments about treatment for antisocially behaving youth based on the symptom’s social context (e.g., life circumstances) and the youth’s race or ethnicity, even among youth who are otherwise identical in terms of behavioral symptoms.
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Conceptualizing Culturally Infused Engagement and Its Measurement for Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Children and Families
Miwa Yasui, Kathleen J. Pottick, and Yun Chen
Despite the central role culture plays in racial and ethnic disparities in mental health among ethnic minority and immigrant children and families, existing measures of engagement in mental health services have failed to integrate culturally specific factors that shape these families’ engagement with mental health services.
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National Rates and Patterns of Depression Screening in Primary Care: Results From 2012 and 2013
Ayse Akincigil and Elizabeth B. Matthews
Objectives: Despite high prevalence rates of depression in primary care, depressive symptoms are often undetected by physicians. Screening for depression is now recommended as a part of routine primary care; however, recent estimates of rates and patterns of depression screening are lacking in the literature.
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