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  • Are you looking for sources of economic, demographic, health, or social survey data?
  • Do you need a large national panel data set for research on medical expenditures or other confidential health data?
  • Have you ever wanted to analyze employment or productivity using a firm's actual values of imported inputs?
  • Do you wish you had access to data with detailed geographic identifiers for research on neighborhood effects?
The Rutgers Research Data Center (RDC) initiative can help you! Through the New York Census Research Data Center (NYCRDC), Rutgers researchers have access to data sets that include confidential variables not available on public use versions of these data sets. These data can support a range of important research questions that could not otherwise be conducted. With funding from the Academic Excellence Fund, the Rutgers RDC is working to support such research efforts through:
  1. Seed grant funding of up to $10,000 for Rutgers researchers to help offset the costs of a research project at the New York Census Research Data Center. Proposals are due July 1, 2008.
  2. Information for developing a proposal to use RDC data, including PowerPoint slides and videotaped presentations from the pre-proposal information workshop
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The New York Census Research Data Center (NYCRDC)

The New York Census Research Data Center (NYCRDC) is a consortium of 15 universities and research institutions in the New York area. It provides researchers the opportunity to access selected confidential microdata in secure facilities. The NYCRDC houses many demographic, economic and health data sets collected by the U.S. Census Bureau; the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS); and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), including the decennial Census, vital statistics, social, economic, and health surveys, and health and vital statistics data linked to data from Medicare and the Social Security Administration. It also holds censuses and surveys of businesses and international trade, and linked employer-household data.

To conduct a research project at the NYCRDC, researchers must submit a proposal to the pertinent RDC (Census, NCHS, or AHRQ). Because all projects using NYCRDC data must meet their proposal guidelines, applicants must contact one of the NYCRDC staff early in proposal development. NYCRDC staff will be available for consultations by appointment at the pre-proposal workshop.

Data analysis must take place in the secure labs located in Manhattan at Baruch College, CUNY or one of the affiliated Census RDCs. Over the next couple of years, Rutgers is planning to develop a branch for secure data analysis on the New Brunswick campus.

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Rutgers RDC seed grant program

Only Rutgers researchers are eligible for seed grant money of up to $10,000; most seed grants will range from $5,000 to $7,000. The principal investigator must be a full-time Rutgers faculty or research staff member. Graduate students and part-time researchers are encouraged to participate as co-investigators.

The application process for a Rutgers RDC seed grant is coordinated with the NYCRDC proposal process. A statement of intent to submit a proposal is due May 15, 2008, with full proposals due July 1, 2008.

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Rutgers seed grant program.

The Rutgers RDC Initiative
  • Increase awareness of NYCRDC research opportunities among Rutgers faculty, research staff, and students.
  • Establish research footholds in several units at Rutgers through the seed grant project.
  • Develop a branch site for secure data analysis on the New Brunswick campus by 2010 to improve access for Rutgers researchers.
The Rutgers RDC initiative is headed by Jane Miller, Joel Cantor, and Diane Davis of the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research.
Steering committee members represent faculty from SAS, SMLR, and RBS, the Bloustein School, Rutgers Office of Instructional and Research Technology, and the NYCRDC.

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