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2014 Program » Interns:
Andrew Barra view bio
Patient Factors Associated With the Receipt of Comprehensive Cancer Follow-Up Care
Andy Chang view bio
The Effect of Family Heart Attack History on Heart Attack Prevention Behaviors: Is Worry an Explanatory Pathway?
LaStaisa Godwin view bio
New Jersey Physiciansí Implementation of E-Prescribing: Differences by Physician and Practice Characteristics
Nicholas Martin view bio
Acting Without Remembering to Act? How Elderly Asthmatics Adhere to their Inhaled Corticosteroid Medication
Jamila McLean view bio
Race/Ethnicity, Nativity, and Self-Rated Health: The Role of Perceived Racial Discrimination
Cherise Mohammed view bio
Wivesí Mental Health: Does it Matter if a Woman Earns More Than Her Husband?
Swet Patel view bio
Improving Study Retention Following Institutional Transitions: The Case of Community Reentry of Offenders with Mental Illness
Jennifer Rodriguez view bio
Supporting Family Caregivers in New Jersey: Characteristics Associated with Need for Help Providing Home and Community-Based Care
Theresa Yera view bio
Does Experience with Caregiving, Informal Helping, and Family Health History Predict Who Volunteers in Healthcare?
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