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Project L/EARN News and Events » Two Project L/EARN mentors honored

Dr. Susan Brownlee has been a mentor to more than a dozen Project L/EARN interns, either during their summer training, their academic year research, or when they are hired as post-baccalaureate research assistants at the Center for State Health Policy, where she serves as Senior Research Manager. She first became involved with Project L/EARN while a doctoral student in health psychology, working with Dr. Howard Leventhal, with whom she co-mentored several interns. After taking a research position at the Center for State Health Policy, Dr. Brownlee has continuously worked with L/EARN interns, whether mentoring her own interns, supervising alumni as they collect primary data for one of the Centerís research projects, helping other faculty select and prepare data for their interns, or explaining the design of the studies from which they were drawn. Her interns have gone on to masterís and doctoral degrees in public health, education policy, biomedical informatics, communications, clinical psychology, nursing, and other fields. Eight interns have published articles or research reports with Dr. Brownlee, and several others have presented their collaborative research at conferences.

Project L/EARN Program Director Diane (Deedee) Davis, Dr. Susan Brownlee

Dr. Shawna Hudson has been a mentor to eight L/EARN interns, has conducted research with several others, and is currently sponsoring post-doctoral training for an alumna of the program. She began her involvement with Project L/EARN while a doctoral student in medical sociology, when she taught the interns a workshop on qualitative methods. After earning her PhD, Dr. Hudson became a faculty members and researcher at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, and the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at UMDNJ Medical School (now Rutgers Medical School), where she is now Associate Director of their Research Division. Many of Dr. Hudsonís Project L/EARN interns have co-authored conference presentations and journal articles with her, and most have gone on to graduate school in diverse fields including medicine, public health, sociology, and nursing.

Project L/EARN Program Director Diane (Deedee) Davis, Dr. Shawna Hudson

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