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Name (Internship Yr.): Intern / Student Project Title:
Keren Abina (1999) Ataques de Nervios: Explanatory Models and Help-Seeking Behavior in Puerto Rico
Daniel Abrams (2016) The Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences by Age 5 and Academic, Behavioral, and Social Outcomes
Temi Adegbola (2008) How Patient Attitudes Factor Into Physician Decisions to Refer to Cancer Clinical Trials
Mamun Ahmed (2016) Does Hegemonic Masculinity Encourage or Prevent End of Life Planning?
Theresa Alston (1998) The Effects of Perceived Social Support on Hopelessness in Adolescents
Christopher Alvarado (2016) Examining Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Treatment Delivery in U.S. Outpatient Mental Health Services for Transition-Age Youth and Young Adults
Michelle Alvarez (2002) Children with Behavioral Problems and Their Access to Dental Care
Mike Alvarez (2005) Correlates of Medication Use among Transition-Age Patients with SED in Outpatient Care Settings
Thomasina Anane (2012) Race and Socioeconomic Variations in Goal-Striving Stress & Mental Health
Ayana K April (2007) Obesity and Prostate Cancer Screening in Family Medicine Practices: Differences Between Solo and Group Practices
Maritza Aviles (1993) The Relationship Between Causal Factors and Symptoms in an Ataque de Nervios
Tania Bailon (2007) How Do Gender and Primary Diagnosis Affect the Risk of Ataque de Nervios Among Latinos?
Imani Baker (2012) The Association between Nursing Home Culture Change and Quality Indicators: Deficiency Citations and Antipsychotic Medication Use
Andrew Barra (2014) Patient Factors Associated With the Receipt of Comprehensive Cancer Follow-Up Care
Adefemi Betiku (2011) The Effects of Racial Identity, Stereotypical Black Masculinity & Socioeconomic Status on the Psychological and Somatic Health of African American Men
Tonya Blair (1995) Self Assessed Health and Its effects on Health Care Utilization
Joanna Blum (1996) Risk Assessment of Caucasian, African American and Hispanic Children and Adolescents Presented for Psychiatric Hospitalization
Breanna Brock (2016) Racism-Related Coping and Mental Health Among African Americans
Jack (Taylor) Brooks (2013) Strategies for Greater Adherence to Inhaled Corticosteroids among Elderly Asthmatic Patients
Janae Brown (2008) Examining Race Differences in Depression in Females: Self-Salience as a Mediator
Kristen Brown (2008) Parental worship service attendance and adolescent high risk behavior
Yariela M Bryan (2007) How does lack of heatlh insurance vary by age and income?
Christopher Burkett (2001) The Relationship Between Race and Attitudes Toward Mental Health Help Seeking
Patricia Calixte-Civil (2012) The Effect of Formal Supports, Informal Supports and Coping Behaviors on Post-Treatment Drinking Behavior among Women with Alcohol Use Disorders
Marisol Carrion (1995) The Effects of Social Support on Perceptions of Stigma in the Mentally Ill
Kimberly R Carter (2003) Racial Disparities in HIV Knowledge and Testing
Andy Chang (2014) The Effect of Family Heart Attack History on Heart Attack Prevention Behaviors: Is Worry an Explanatory Pathway?
Dakota Cintron (2011) Does Having a Medical Home Reduce the Time Burden for Families of Children with Special Health Care Needs?
Lynrossa Clement (2013) Do Socioeconomic Status, Acculturation and Parental Perception Predict Childhood Obesity?
Nicolette Cobbold (2011) The Pathway from Obesity to Depression: Can It Be Explained by Comorbid Chronic Conditions?
Giselle Colorado (2006) What are the effects of maternal education on child health outcomes in Cambodia ?
Dontina Corpus (2009) Fathers' Parenting Style and Adolescent Sexual Activity in Intact vs. Single Parent Households
Christian Correa (1996) Exploring Hispanics and Determining What Factors Cause High Depressive Symptoms
Cordon K Daley (2001) Factors Associated with Racial Differences in Disenrollment from New Jersey KidCare
Michael Danza (1997) Reciprocity and mental illness and type of rehab staff (traditional vs non traditional)
Quinta Davenport (1994) A Survey of Routine Clinical Practice for Adolescent Mental Health
Zupenda Davis (1994) The Differences Between Blacks and Whites in the Rate of Schizophrenic Diagnosis
Harold Del Pino (1993) Family Structure, Depression, and Time Spent Alone
Nicole DePasquale (2009) Exploring the Family Relationship Factors Associated with the Likelihood of End-of-Life Planning
Nydia Diaz (1999) Impact of Childcare on Preschool Age Welfare Recipients
Yamalis Diaz (1999) Effect of Insurance and Facility Ownership on Inpatient Length of Stay of Children and Adolescents with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Alexis Duckett (2013) Exploring the Mental Health Benefits of Marriage by Race and Socioeconomic Status
Marianne Dunn (2003) Effects of Marital Conflict and Parental Involvement on the Mental Health of Children in Puerto Rico
Ricardo Duran (1992) Symptom and Emotion Stimuli to Health Action in the Elderly
Jocelyn Easley (1996) Over-the-Counter Medication Use Among Elderly African Americans
Nathalie Edmonds (1997) Family Functioning as a Risk Factor in Adolescent Suicidal Ideation
Lobna Eldasher (2009) Identifying the Predictors of Amoxetine Initiation in Children Newly Diagnosed with ADHD
Rhonda Elhosseiny (2001) Exploring the Associations Among Human Capital, Social Capital, Maternal/Caregiver Depression and Children's Behavioral Problems in a School Context
Monifa English (1997) Factors that influence mental health service utilization in urban communities
Ana Escudero (2004) Risk Factors for Ataques de Nervios in the Puerto Rican Elderly
Ivan Estevez (2002) The Psychological Determinants of Coping During the First Semester of College
Kevin Ewell (1993) Do my Symptoms Predict My Health: An Analysis of Perceived GenerAL Health and Severity of Symptoms
David Fakunle (2008) Tobacco outlet density and demographics at the census tract level of analysis in New Jersey
Dany Fanfan (2010) The Relationship between Acculturation, Body Mass Index, and Marianismo Beliefs in Physical Activity Participation in Latina Women
Abiola Fasina (2000) Differences in Aids Knowledge by Acculturation and SES Among Latino Adults in New Jersey
Prema Filippone (1999) Media's Portrayal of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and the Potential for False Information
Lyesha Fletcher (2003) Racial Differences in Pathways to Mental Health Care
Jessica Floyd (2001) The Impact of Parental Divorce in Childhood on Adult Mental Health and Social Well-Being
Walter Fortson (2012) Exploring the Association between Positive Affect and Exercise in Women with Anorexia Nervosa
Theresa Fraser (2000) Assessing Factors Affecting Decisions to Execute a Health Care Proxy: Institutional Setting Vs. Community-dwelling Residents
Ayorkor Gaba (2000) Racial Disparities in Body Image That Contribute to the Development of Eating Disorders
Lorena Garcia (2013) Physician Rejection of Health Insurance by Insurance Type and Patient Characteristics
Anice George (1999) Managed Psychiatric Care for Children and Adolescents: Effects on Inpatient Stay
Karla S Gil (1998) Race Differences in Subjective Quality of Life: Material, Social and Psychosocial Predictors
Katya Giovannetti (2002) Risk Factors for Ataques De Nervios in Puerto Rican Children Aged 4-17
LaStaisa Godwin (2014) New Jersey Physiciansí Implementation of E-Prescribing: Differences by Physician and Practice Characteristics
Julia Gomez (2004) How does Acculturation affect Paternal Involvement?
Rosa Gonzales (2001) The Impact of Family History on the Personal Experience of Nervios/Ataques de Nervios in the Latino Population
Jeffrey Gonzalez (1997) The Relationship Between Expectation and Preferences for Sequence of Health Outcomes
Shirley Gonzalez (1995) The Effects of Family History of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders on Children and Adolescents
Walter Gonzalez (1996) Cross-Sectional Study on the Relations Between School Grades, Peer and Family Support and Depression Among Adolescents
Erick Gonzalez-Rojas (2000) Insurance Type and How it Affects LOS of Mentally Ill Patients
Janelle L Gowder (1998) Breast Cancer Patients and their Physicians: What Impact Does Managed Care Have on Trust?
Elizabeth Graham (2000) The Interaction of Race, Self-esteem, and Depressive Symptoms in Females
Vivian Graham (2002) Issues of Empowerment: Citizen Participation and Disclosure of HIV Status
Allison Gray (1994) The Effect of Serum Albumin Level on Mortality
Kimele Gray (2011) The Effect of Paternal Parenting Stress on Child Cognitive Development at 24 months of age
Kristen Gutierrez (2005) Correlates of Cognitive Illness Perceptions to Non-Adherence of Fluid Intake in Elderly End-Stage Renal Disease Patients
Pedro Gutierrez (1996) The Relationship Between Ataques de Nervios and Psychological Distress
Tim Hairston (2010) Fatherís Influence on Adolescent Gang Involvement and Gang Delinquency
Maria Han (2013) Do Grit and Distress Tolerance Affect Depression?
Dora L Harper (1995) The Relationship Between Severity of Illness and Adolescent Patient Satisfaction
Dawne M Harris (1998) How does Poverty History Affect Maternal Depression?
Henry W Henderson (1991) Interactions of Minority Families with the Mental Health System
Alison Hernandez (2012) The Influence of Perceived Negative Consequences of Illness and Treatment on Engagement in End-of-Life Discussions
Francis Herrera (2009) Nurse staffing levels and Family Satisfaction in Massachusetts Nursing Homes
Karen Hidalgo (2009) The Association of Marianismo Beliefs and Acculturation with Physical Activity and Obesity Risk Among Latinas
Kendra Hockaday (1991) Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Children and the Outcomes of their Acute Hospitalization
Melodie Hodge (2003) Impact of Childhood Religion on Midlife Mental Health
Amira Hussein (2009) Relationships among Registered Nurse Staffing, Safety Culture, and Nurse Reported Patient Outcomes in the Dialysis Unit
Jamila Irons (1997) Receiving Help From Others : The Mentally Ill Male's and Female's Perspective
Manami Jackson (1999) Understanding the Well-being of Children in Stepfamilies: The Role of Social Capitol
Nicole Jarrett (1994) The Role of Stress and Social Support in the Health Process
Mahya Jean-Baptiste (2006) Is neighborhood safety perception associated with childhood overweight/obesity?
Stephanie Jimenez Velez (2012) Breast Cancer Survivorsí Perceptions of Quality Cancer-Related Care from Primary Care Providers
Shelia Johnson (2016) Impact of Physical Limitations on Social Support in Cancer Patients
Jerome L Jones (1995) Social Support as a Predictor of Patient Driven Health Care Utilization
Shatice Jones (2011) The Effects of Appointment Defaults on Attitudes towards Influenza Vaccination
Tonya Jones (2004) Physicians Willingness to Accept Uninsured and Medicaid/SCHIP Patients: What Roles Do Specialty and Other Physician Characteristics Play?
Tameeka Jordan (1995) Examining Differences Between Psychiatric Clients on Their Reported Use of Formal and Informal Care
Aingyea Kellom (2005) Impact of Treatment on Non-Violent Criminal Offending among Adults with Co-Occurring Disorders in the United States
Melissa Kelly (1996) Relation of Social Support to Stigma Among Mental Patients
Symonne Kennedy (2012) The Association between Prenatal Substance Exposure and Adolescent Emotional Competence
Jared Khan (2010) Stigma in the Workplace: Employersí Attitudes toward Mental Illness
Nelson Knight (2010) Patterns in Psychiatric Co-Morbidity and Mental Health Service Use in Transitional Youths
Luz Laulo (1999) Sex Differences in Depression: Contrasting Latino Adolescents and Adolescents From Other Ethnic Groups
Annabelle Layugan (2005) The Impact of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner on Preventive Cancer Screening
Christina Le (2010) The Effect of Nativity Distinction on the Health Status of Non-Elderly Adults
Roslyn Lee (1994) The Effect of Social Support Network Size and Satisfaction with Social Support on Level of Self-Esteem
Sooin Lee (2011) Who Endorses Public or Free Health Clinics? The Role of Immigration Status and Impact on Utilization
Jasmine Little (2010) The Association between Race and Psychosis Treatment in the United States
Angel Lopez (1994) The Relationship Between Atques de Nervios and Levels of Income and Education Among Puerto Rican Men
Wendy D Lopez (1998) Poverty and Housing Factors as Predictors of Asthma in Children
Ozelia Lowe (2002) Delinquency & Divorce: Does Delinquency Increase when Parents Divorce?
Carolina Lozada (2006) The Effect of Mental Health Status, Insurance and Cultural Barriers on Primary Care Utilization Among Latinos
Shirley J Lozano (1992) A Survey and Needs Assessment of New Brunswick's Elderly Residents
Lorenzo Luaces (2009) Racial Differences in Suicidal Behavior Among Young Adults in the United States
Jennifer Lugris (2007) Does incarceration negativley affect mental health problems among male juveniles ?
Tamarie Macon (2006) Is there Adverse Self-Selection of Children with Special Health Care Needs in New Jersey FamilyCare?
Resi Maddox (1992) Acute Inpatient and Aftercare Services and Adolescent Outcomes
Nnenna Maduforo (2004) Major Depression, Diabetes Treatment, and Quality of Diabetic Care
Sarah Mahran (2005) An Investigation of the Relationship Between Ethnicity, Work Satisfaction, and Life Satisfaction in Retirement-aged Individuals
Nicholas Martin (2014) Acting Without Remembering to Act? How Elderly Asthmatics Adhere to their Inhaled Corticosteroid Medication
Christina Martinez (2009) The Association of Knowledge and Perceptions with Sexual Behavior in Adolescents
Igda Martinez (2000) Nervios/Ataques De Nervios: How They Relate to Psychiatric Symptoms and Diagnoses
Aneesah McClinton (2010) Treating Diabetes and the Use of Health Models
Brandon McDonald (2012) Marital Status as a predictor of Dental Health Service Utilization
Jamila McLean (2014) Race/Ethnicity, Nativity, and Self-Rated Health: The Role of Perceived Racial Discrimination
Mariel Melendez (2001) Racial Differences in the Relationship Between Home Environment and Behavior Problems
Tennille Miller (2001) The Effects of Household Composition On the Health Insurance Status of Newark Elementary School Children
Cherise Mohammed (2014) Wivesí Mental Health: Does it Matter if a Woman Earns More Than Her Husband?
Dana Momperousse (2003) Physician Perspectives on General and Minority Patient Referrals to Cancer Clinical Trials
Musenga Mulenga (2010) Is Length of Stay Associated with 30 Day Readmission among Congestive Heart Failure Patients?
Tara Nazareth (1999) How Beliefs about Medication Affect Herbal Supplement Use in Elderly People
Lamar Nero (2016) Linking Emotion Dysregulation and Depression
A-Nam Nguyen (2013) Differences in Childís Self-Rated Health by Race/Ethnicity: What Can We Learn about the Latino Health Paradox?
Felicia Nichols (2002) How Does Race, Ethnicity, Gender and the Use of Newer vs Older Antipsychotics Affect Adherence in Persons with Schizophrenia?
Jose Nova (2003) A Look at Physicians in High-Risk Specialties Retiring or Leaving New Jersey
Alexia Nwaziri (2010) Personality and Dependence Dimensions: Influence on Attentional Bias to Smoking-Related Cues
Jasmine Orders (2002) Effects of Ethnicity and SES on AIDS Knowledge Among Adolescent Students in Lagos, Nigeria
Samia Ortiz-Hernandez (2008) The relationship between socioeconomic status and categories of nervios
Valentine Ortiz-Meyer (2002) From Presenting Problems to Diagnosis: Role of ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Comorbidity and Gender
Jacqueline Palmer (2008) Hospital profitability in New Jersey: Urban Hospitals Falling Behind
Lida M Pascual-Yeras (1997) Ataque de Nervios : An Exploration into Life Stressors that May Serve as Predictors for Experiencing a Greater Amount of Ataques
Swet Patel (2014) Improving Study Retention Following Institutional Transitions: The Case of Community Reentry of Offenders with Mental Illness
Shauna Patrick (2000) Gender Bias as a Factor of Inpatient LOS Among Boys and Girls with Depression and Disruptive Behavior Disorder
Danae Perez (1991) The Impact of Culture on Psychiatric Research: 'Ataques de Nervios' in Puerto Rico
Ramona Perry (2008) Childrenís System of Care: Policy aim fidelity, and racial/ethnic disparities
Ashleigh Pierre-Morgan (2006) Does Socialization Explain Race and Gender Differences in Adolescent Depressive Symptoms?
Patricia Portugal (1995) Mediating Effects of Race and Sex on Cognitive Scores Among Children in Poverty
Tess Pottinger (2007) The effect of health care coverage on preventive and non-preventive for mothers
Tamara Quezada Ortega (2013) Fathersí Depression and Parenting Stress: Effects on Disciplinary Strategies Used with their 24 Month-olds
Tyleisha Rainey (1994) Ethnic Differences in Perception of Burden Caused By Caring for a Mentally Ill Relative
Natasha Ramsey (2009) Concordance of Patient and Physician Ratings of Health by Age, Chronic Status and Functionality
Adriana F Restrepo (1998) Differences in the Experiences of "Ataques de Nervios" between Latinos and Latinas
Laurent Reyes (2012) The Importance of Relationships with Neighbors for the Well-being of Midlife and Older Adults: Evidence from a U.S. National Study
Lorena Reyes (2001) Examining the Willingness to Pay for Health Insurance as a Percentage of Income of Uninsured Adults in New Jersey by Race and Hispanic Subgroups
Melissa Rivera (1992) The Impact of Culture on Psychiatric Research: Ataques de Nervios in Puerto Rico
Taliah Roach (2000) Effects of Income on Respite Utilization
Ashley Robin (2008) A new midlife crisis: Suicide rates by sex and marital status, U.S., 1982-2004
Janisha Rodriguez (2016) E-Cigarette Usage Among Young Adults: The Roles of Co-use and Anxiety Sensitivity in Emotional Health
Jennifer Rodriguez (2014) Supporting Family Caregivers in New Jersey: Characteristics Associated with Need for Help Providing Home and Community-Based Care
Stephanie Rosas-Garcia (2013) Disparities in Provider-Patient Communication: Perceptions of New Jersey Immigrant Adults
Darren Ross (2007) Smoking and perceived age
Emily Rutten (2013) Relations between Impulsiveness and Smoking Dependence in Adult Smokers Trying to Quit
Nicole M Ryan-Nolla (2011) The Association Between Parental Death and Physical and Mental Health
Sarah Salazar (2011) The Implication of Strong of Stereotypical Beliefs in Masculinity on Health: Are Smoking and Drinking Mediating Behaviors?
Monica Sanchez (2002) Gender, Coping Strategies and Religion in the Recovery Process of Severe Mental Illness
Ruth Sanchez (1995) Effects of Parental Relationships and Parental Behaviors in Self-Esteem and Depression Among Young Adults
Theresa Sharin (2008) Racial/ethnic differences in health care seeking for symptoms of illness
Karol Silva (2005) Self-assessed Physical and Mental Health Among Latinos in New Brunswick, New Jersey: A Measurement of Somatization
Hector L Silvestre (1998) Does Income and Insurance Status Effect Anti-Depressant Use Among Caucasians and Others in a Medicare Population?
Theresa Simpson (2003) Examining Willingness to Use Free Clinics: Disparities in Primary Care between Racial and Ethnic Groups
Alexis Sohrakoff (2006) Predicting Prescription Refill Persistence in Treatment of Bipolar Disorder
Annik-Mahalia Sorhaindo (1997) Effects of Self-Assessed Health and Religion on the Mortality of Elderly African-Americans in New Brunswick
Calvin Stancil (2005) Care Setting Determinants for Transitional Youth with SED
Alexa Tapanes (1998) The Impact of Comorbidity on Self Assessed Health and Depression
Vanessa Tapanes (2003) Staffing Patterns in Mental Health Residential Care Facilities in the United States: Do Client Characteristics Matter?
Tania Tarantino (1999) How Gender, Self-Esteem, and Knowledge About Condom Use and Sexual Risk-Taking Affect Contraception Use Among Sexually Active Adolescents
Cinthia R Taylor (2001) The Effects of Depression and Religiosity Among the Elderly: A Longitudinal Study
Shontel Thomas (2000) Parental Substance Abuse or Positive Parenting: Which Matters Most for Children's Risk of Alcoholism?
Jasmine Thompson (2005) Demographic and Attitudinal Predictors of Safety Net Utilization
Tracey Timmon (2004) Age-related Differences in Preventive Care among Women with Diabetes in New Jersey
Yi Tong (2016) Understanding the Relationship between Religion and Suicide Acceptability between 1985 and 2014 in the United States
Felicity N Tsikiwa (1998) Gender Differences in Adolescent Anti-Social Behavior
Anuli Uzoaru (1999) Declines in Breast and Prostate Cancer Screening Among the Elderly
Veronica Vargas (2013) Cigar Use among U.S. Latinos: An Examination of Cultural and Sociodemographic Factors
Noemi Vega (2004) Definitions of Culture and Cultural Competence with a Dash of Ethnic Identity
Maricruz Velez (2000) Cultural Disparities in Parental Assessment of ADHD Symptoms in Children
Maya Violano (2004) Female Offenders with Mental Illness in New Jersey Prison : Does Severity of Mental Illness Predict Violent Crime?
Datrell Ward (2007) Smoking history and health risk behaviors: Effects on self-assesment of health in later life
Melanie Ward (2012) Who Receives Weight Reduction Advice from Health Providers? A Study of Adult Patient and Provider Factors
Nia Washington-Plaskett (2001) Factors Affecting the Placement of Youth into Psychiatric Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Facilities
Khadejia Watkins-Brown (2004) Self-Esteem and Depressive Symptoms in Black, Latina, Asian, and White Women
Bryn Whittle-Stone (1993) An Examination of the Relationship Between Social Suppoty and Pderceived Health
Ericka Wiggins (2006) Ethnic and Mental Health Differences in Adult Obesity
Melony Williams (2003) Religion, Social Norms and Views on Organ Donation by Race
Sharifa Williams (2003) Impact of Adoption, Foster Care on Adulthood Substance Use
Summer C Williams (2005) The Effect of Parentís Health Attitudes on Well-Child Care Utilization
Danielle Wright (2005) The Relationship Between Parental Health Attitudes and Dissatisfaction with New Jersey's State Children's Health Insurance Program
Amirah Yancey (2011) Racial Differences in Coping: Explaining the Race Paradox in Mental Health
Cherrelle Yates (2006) Competing Demands: Obesity, Depression, and Chronic Illness
Theresa Yera (2014) Does Experience with Caregiving, Informal Helping, and Family Health History Predict Who Volunteers in Healthcare?
Jeddel Yeras (1996) Exploring Stigma from within the Negative Self-Schema
Gyasi Zamore (2002) The Influences of Middle School Academic Achievement
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