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Rosa Gonzales
Project L/EARN Intern - 2001
Rosa Gonzales
The Impact of Family History on the Personal Experience of Nervios/Ataques de Nervios in the Latino Population
Peter Guarnaccia, Ph.D.
Department of Human Ecology

Rosa came to Project L/EARN from the Career Opportunities Research Program (COR) at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, her junior year where she majored in Psychology. A member of her high school COR program, Rosa had begun her research career at an early start. At the time, she had hoped to pursue a doctorate in Clinical/Community Psychology. Her areas of interest in research include: HIV/AIDS, people with addictions, domestic violence and cultural influences on child development and mental disorders.

Rosa has had a number of varied research experiences through her involvement in High School COR and with the Pre-COR Program at the University of Puerto (UPR). Starting in high school, Rosa had begun research on the experiences of people who were HIV+ and suffered from AIDS and on AIDS prevention among adolescents in Puerto Rico. Rosa’s research on Disclosing HIV Status and General Health of HIV+ Homosexual Men in Puerto Rico with Dr. Milagros Mendez a UPR resulted in a poster presentation at the COR colloquium in the Spring of 2001 in Washington, DC as well as a panel presentation at the Interamerican Psychological Society meetings that summer in Santiago, Chile.

Her summer research involved examining the impacts of family history of the different types of nervios and ataques de nervios on the personal experiences of and severity of nervios/ataques de nervios. Rosa grew a tremendous amount during the summer in her knowledge of research methods, statistical techniques and experiences in coping with English. Her summer provided her a solid foundation for future graduate training in Psychology.

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