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Nia Washington-Plaskett
Project L/EARN Intern - 2001
Nia Washington-Plaskett
Factors Affecting the Placement of Youth into Psychiatric Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Facilities
Kathleen Pottick, Ph.D.
School of Social Work

Nia had been a Biology Major and a Psychology minor mentored by Dr. Kathleen Pottick. Nia had been in her junior year at Rutgers College at Rutgers University at the time of her internship. She chose Rutgers for its urban setting and its convenience to her birthplace, Brooklyn, NY. Nia plans to complete her undergraduate education at Rutgers University. Afterwards, she plans to attend Medical School and/or Graduate School, and obtain a combined M.D./Ph.D. degree. She is preparing herself for a challenging, lucrative position as a clinician, researcher, and an educator where she can successfully utilize her analytical skills. Project L/EARN had been an extraordinary learning experience that provided Nia with valuable contacts, resources, and skills that she can use in future endeavors. She applied for Project L/EARN because she thought it would be a great opportunity to "creatively combine" her current course of study at Rutgers. She had gained experience with statistical software such as SPSS and SAS, and she had received one-on-one interaction with class instructors, training assistants, mentors, and other staff members. Working in a close knit family-like setting with mentors, instructors, staff, and prior and current interns who are always willing to lend a helping hand was a major contributor to her success as a project L/EARN intern.

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