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Tennille Miller
Project L/EARN Intern - 2001
Tennille Miller
The Effects of Household Composition On the Health Insurance Status of Newark Elementary School Children
Mina Silberberg

Tennille had been a Psychology major at Livingston College (Rutgers University). She chose to attend Rutgers University because of its diverse population.

Tennille enjoys working with children and in the future she would love to obtain a job where she can help children. She has volunteered in the pediatric department at UMDNJ (Newark) and at the Tiny Tots Spot Daycare Center. Her future plans include attending graduate school. Her life long goal is to open up a home for disadvantaged children so that they can have a place to go for help with problems or get assistance and guidance on pursuing their career goals.

Project Learn had taught Tennille how to make sacrifices. She had learned to decide the difference between what things are important and what things are crucial. Through this experience, she has gained valuable skills in preparation for graduate school.

In her research project she attempts to explore the issue of family dynamics and the tenets of their impact upon eligibility for, access to and acquisition of health insurance. Coming face to face with the complexities inherent in addressing real world dynamics in the develop of policy has served to fuel her desire to become an effective researcher so that she will be well prepared to design and implement effective programs.

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