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Felicity Tsikiwa
Project L/EARN Alumna - 1998
Felicity Tsikiwa
Gender Differences in Adolescent Anti-Social Behavior
Sarah Rosenfield

Felicity is a Cook College alumna who had majored in biology. Participation in Project L/EARN is one step on her path to a career as an osteopathic physician. Consistent with her attraction to the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore (most notably "Sick bed 21"), Felicity believes "by studying both biology and psychology you can understand more about different psychosis and/or physical problems, the mind and body go hand in hand." In addition to the exposure to psychology research, which prompted her involvement in Project L/EARN, Felicity came to realize "[she] could do research and be a [medical] doctor at the same time." "In doing literature searches [she] found many physicians publishing research on personality disorders." Felicity reports that the skills learned in the process of writing the paper and preparing the presentation are as highly valued as the content information learned as a result of her research. In her research, Felicity found evidence of an inverse relationship between empathy and anti-social behavior among adolescents. In addition gender differences in anti-social behavior were consistent with divergent trends in the development of empathy.

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