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Luz Laulo
Project L/EARN Alumna - 1999
Luz Laulo
Sex Differences in Depression: Contrasting Latino Adolescents and Adolescents From Other Ethnic Groups
Sarah Rosenfield
Luz had been a Psychology major at Douglass College entering her junior year during the time of her internship. A native of Bronx, NY, Luz applied to Rutgers because of "its reputation as a top-notch school." She would have done temp work this summer, which, in retrospect, she says, "definitely wouldn't have been as valuable an experience as Project L/EARN was."

In her spare time, Luz likes to write poetry, learn about the culture of the 60s, as well as explore the internet. Luz is active as a member of the Catholic Students Association, through which she has the opportunity to help coordinate a volunteer tutoring group at the New Brunswick Street School. Her volunteer experience in this program sparked a desire to work with Dr. Sarah Rosenfield on a project that assessed gender and ethnic differences in depression within different Latino groups, as well as other ethnic groups.

When asked about her feelings of the program, Luz recalls that "it was scary cramming so much information into one summer, but I learned a lot about myself in terms of how much I can handle…it was definitely a test." She further comments that L/EARN "is a very worthwhile program, and I hope it keeps running for a very long time to give other people of color a better chance of succeeding in graduate studies."

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