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Manami Jackson
Project L/EARN Alumna - 1999
Manami Jackson
Understanding the Well-being of Children in Stepfamilies: The Role of Social Capitol
Megan Sweeney
Manami became a part of Project L/EARN the summer before her senior year at Rutgers College, where she majored in Psychology. She chose to come to Rutgers because of its “excellent reputation”. Due to her prior interest in research, she applied to Project L/EARN because she wanted to work closely with a faculty mentor.

Manami had been extremely active in Rutgers organizations, specifically BWABU (Black Women Associated for Black Unity). On previos summer vacations, Manami has worked as a camp counselor and a teacher’s aide at a daycare center. Although she had known that she wanted to obtain a doctorate in Psychology before she began at Project L/EARN, Manami is grateful that she had “obtained research skills, patience and organization necessary to succeed in graduate school”.

Manami’s summer research project focused on the well-being of children in stepfamilies, specifically targeting the role of social capital. She studied under the guidance of her faculty mentor, Dr. Megan Sweeney, whom she calls “Very friendly, patient and helpful”. Following her internship, Manami had considered continuing the research she began as an independent study course. She would like to thank the directors, Ms. Davis and Dr. Guarnaccia, as well as mentor Dr. Sweeney for the, “Excellent opportunity [she] had,” to participate in Project L/EARN.

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