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Nydia Diaz
Project L/EARN Alumna - 1999
Nydia Diaz
Impact of Childcare on Preschool Age Welfare Recipients
Jane Miller, Ph.D.
E.J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy
Nydia Diaz became an intern her senior year at Rutgers college, where she had been a double major in Psychology and Sociology. Before entering Project L/EARN, Nydia knew she wanted to pursue a doctorate in Psychology, but that later changed to, “…a Ph.D., [due to the fact that it is] more research-oriented.”

Prior to her internship, Nydia had spent a lot of time volunteering with children at fundraising events, in childcare centers and working as a candy striper at local hospitals. Her previous work with children happened to coincide with the work of her faculty mentor, Dr. Jane Miller, who specializes in maternal and infant health. Nydia’s research project had analyzed the effects of different types of childcare on the development of poor children.

In regards to her experience in Project L/EARN, Nydia had stated, “I was really surprised that I enjoyed doing a research project as much as a did.” She had enjoyed the process of, “Coming up with a hypothesis and turning it into results that ccould change people’s lives.” When asked about what she had gained from participating in the program, Nydia stated that she came out of the program with valuable knowledge, networks and friends. She had believed that these experiences would help her to succeed academically, personally and professionally in graduate school.

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