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Janelle Gowder
Project L/EARN Alumna - 1998
Janelle Gowder
Breast Cancer Patients and their Physicians: What Impact Does Managed Care Have on Trust?
David Mechanic, Ph.D.
Renè Dubos University Professor, Emeritus

Janelle had been a Rutgers College Psychology major during the time of her internship. According to Janelle, the Project L/EARN summer training program had been a good experience to have, as it introduced her to and taught her a lot about the health field. She had said, “It was a really good opportunity to gain valuable research experience. It was an internship where you learned a lot as well as got paid.”

Janelle had worked with Dr. Sharon Meyer one summer learning to perform content analyses on interview data from one of Dr. Mechanic’s pilot studies on trust in the doctor-patient relationship. This project provided an opportunity to analyze qualitative data. She observes, “Qualitative research is good, because there are certain topics out there that there is not a lot of literature on and you need qualitative research to find out what ideas people have about certain topics.”

When asked what she gained from Project L/EARN, Janelle states, “I definitely gained the skills necessary to do research and…it helped me learn how to manage my time when writing papers and doing presentations.” Janelle’s educational goals at the time had been to attend graduate school and pursue either a Psy.D. or a Ph.D. in Psychology.

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