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Mamun Ahmed
Project L/EARN Intern - 2016
Mamun  Ahmed
Does Hegemonic Masculinity Encourage or Prevent End of Life Planning?
Deborah Carr

Mamun Ahmed is a rising junior from Paterson, NJ studying Biology at Rutgers University. Mamun aspires to become a physician and hopes to one day open up his own practice in Paterson so that he can serve the community in which he was raised. He was drawn to Project L/EARN after hearing from several people who had been through the program how great the program was at creating future researchers. Having always been interested in research, Project L/EARN interested him because it takes students in and builds them from the ground up. This summer, Mamun had the opportunity to work with his mentors, Dr. Deborah Carr and Dr. Kristen Springer to study the association between masculinity and end of life planning. Mamun believes that having the opportunity to work alongside two women who were leaders in their field was the best thing about working with his mentors. He wants his mentors to know that he is “grateful for their patience and willingness to work with a first-time researcher.” Mamun credits Project L/EARN for helping him to focus on his future aspirations and he believes that the most important thing he has learned from this experience is time management. Although he says that the hardest part of the program is the workload, he wants future interns to know that it is possible to get it done and that they will leave learning more than they ever expected to. He says, “When Deedee/Dr. Miller and everyone else emphasizes how intense the program is, they are not kidding!”

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