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Theresa Yera
Project L/EARN Intern - 2014
Theresa Yera
Does Experience with Caregiving, Informal Helping, and Family Health History Predict Who Volunteers in Healthcare?
Emily Greenfield, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Social Work

Theresa Yera is a rising senior from Buffalo, New York studying at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, where she majors in Cultural Anthropology. After learning about the opportunity to work with top-notch researchers, learn quantitative research methods, and create three forms of disseminating the culminated research, Theresa decided to apply to Project L/Earn. She wants to conduct research on health inequities and experiences and narratives people have regarding health. She plans on accomplishing this after having her doctorate in hand.

Theresa appreciated the fantastic support system she found at Project L/Earn, especially “the staff, TAs, and mentors that form a network of academic and professional support.” She says: “My cohort and TAs are like family.” Though she found the hardest part of the program was keeping her nerves calm and stress manageable, she believes the best part of the program was the statistical training she received throughout the summer, appreciating that the ability to understand and write about statistics will help in academia and in the workforce.

During the summer, Theresa had the opportunity to work with her mentors Dr. Emily Greenfield and Dr. Jane Miller. Theresa exclaims that the best part about working with her mentor was the fact that she had two of them! She says: “Dr. Greenfield’s knowledge of her field and patience guided me through the literature review and understanding my variables. She and Dr. Miller maintained great communication and provided insightful feedback. Dr. Miller carefully checked-in to make sure I was not overwhelmed and provided great advice.” Theresa wants future interns to know that this program demands full participation. She advises that “future interns should be prepared to quickly learn statistical analysis techniques and the underlying theory of their topics. You will start laughing at stat jokes soon enough.”

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