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Emily Rutten
Project L/EARN Alumna - 2013
Emily Rutten
Relations between Impulsiveness and Smoking Dependence in Adult Smokers Trying to Quit
Danielle McCarthy

Emily Rutten is a rising senior from Farmington, Minnesota. She is a student at Augsburg College double majoring in Biopsychology and Psychology, with a minor in Religion. After doing research last summer, she knew she wanted to do research again this summer. She decided to do Project L/EARN because she thought it would be the best program to prepare her for graduate school. Emily enjoyed many aspects of the program. She says, “They really work to prepare you for future work or study in your field, or any similar field, really. This year, one of the best parts though, was that we are all really close and get along so well. We are all girls and we love to joke around and have fun together when we get the chance.”

The most challenging aspect of Project L/EARN for Emily was balancing homework, class, readings, and her project. “I think that the most useful things that I learned are the statistics and the research methods. They really make it so that you can’t just sort of know the things they are teaching you. Everything is very integrated. You learn the levels of measurement for variables, then the statistical tests to use with those levels of measurement, how to interpret those tests, how that applies to your data, and so forth.”

This summer, Emily worked with her mentor Dr. Danielle McCarthy on a project exploring impulsiveness and its effects on smoking cessation, tobacco dependence, and smoking heaviness. She appreciates her mentor’s patience and ability to explain concepts clearly, and also appreciates that her mentor is a clinical psychologist, which matches her own career aspirations. Emily believes Project L/EARN has helped her gain confidence in herself in reaching her goals. She advises future interns, “It is so much work! If you think you want to do a little research and make a buck, this program is not for you. If you want to improve yourself, push yourself, work with amazing people, and learn a ton, then this is the program for you.”

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