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Tamara Quezada Ortega
Project L/EARN Alumna - 2013
Tamara Quezada Ortega
Fathers’ Depression and Parenting Stress: Effects on Disciplinary Strategies Used with their 24 Month-olds
Antoinette Farmer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Social Work

Tamara Quezada is a rising senior at Rutgers University studying Psychology. Working her way through school, she was eager to grab any opportunity that could provide her with the skills and opportunities to make her dream to become a clinical psychologist a reality. Ready for the challenge, Tamara decided to take part in Project L/EARN hoping this would be the chance she had been looking for. The best thing about Project L/EARN for Tamara was the opportunity to learn about graduate school, get a feel for what it’s going to be like, and gain confidence in herself by realizing that it will be possible for her to be admitted into a graduate program. She appreciates all the support the program provides in learning how to do research, using statistical programs, and analyzing data.

This summer, Tamara was given the opportunity to work with her mentor, Dr. Antoinette Farmer on a project exploring how depression and parental stress affects disciplinary strategies among fathers. She believes the best part about working with her mentor was the opportunity to learn about the field of social science and about Dr. Farmer’s past experience and achievements that led her to where she is now.

In the future, Tamara would like to obtain a PhD or Psych D in Clinical Psychology. She specifically would like to have backgrounds in both research and applied psychology. In the long run, Tamara’s goal is to work in a mental health hospital. Though her goals did not change too much after this program, Tamara feels a lot more secure to pursue these goals and believes she will be able to move forward toward her dreams because of Project L/EARN. As advice to future interns, Tamara says, “Project L/EARN has many opportunities to help you move forward and you should try your best to take advantage of them. Stay together as a cohort and be sure to support each other”

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