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Stephanie Jimenez Velez
Project L/EARN Alumna - 2012
Stephanie Jimenez Velez
Breast Cancer Survivors’ Perceptions of Quality Cancer-Related Care from Primary Care Providers
Shawna Hudson, Ph.D.
Professor and Research Division Chief
Family Medicine and Community Health

Stephanie Jimenez is a rising senior at Rutgers University where she majors in sociology. Stephanie intends on enrolling in a Master’s in Social Work program in hopes of eventually becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker working in a pediatric hospital setting. Stephanie was informed about Project L/EARN through one of the recruitment e-mails. She explained, “I replied yes to all of the questions that the e-mailed asked and I was automatically motivated to apply”.

Though Stephanie thought that the hardest part of the program was being able to understand different concepts while maintaining a calm attitude, she explained that her favorite part was meeting new people with different backgrounds and ideas and being around people who want to continue their education as their main priority. Also, Stephanie appreciated working with her mentor, Dr. Shawna Hudson, because she felt that Dr. Hudson was open to all of her ideas and was willing to introduce her to future potential resources for a career in social work.

Stephanie felt that the most important thing learned from the program was how to not procrastinate and to use her time wisely. In addition, she explained that the program helped her to understand how important it is to think critically about the new topics that she was introduced to over the summer. Stephanie would like future interns to “not come into the program thinking you are going to fail, because failure is not an option.”

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