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Thomasina Anane
Project L/EARN Alumna - 2012
Thomasina Anane
Race and Socioeconomic Variations in Goal-Striving Stress & Mental Health
Dawne Mouzon, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Professor
E.J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Thomasina Anane is a rising junior at Johns Hopkins University where she majors in public health and sociology. She decided to apply to Project L/EARN because she wanted to learn the research methods and skills necessary to accomplish her career aspirations. Prior to Project L/EARN, Thomasina hoped to be able to influence health disparities specifically by implementing policy to improve the lives of minorities. She would also like to improve the quality of life and overall structure of underserved communities. Project L/EARN has encouraged her to consider research as a new career path. She would now like to pursue her PhD and is more confident than ever in her research abilities now that she is skillfully equipped.

Thomasina notes that the hardest part of Project L/EARN was balancing all the assignments and projects that needed to be completed. However, she considers the program “hard, but a necessary learning experience.” Even though Project L/EARN was challenging, Thomasina was grateful to be surrounded by wonderful people in her cohort that helped her get through difficult moments.

This summer Thomasina worked with Dr. Dawne Mouzon on a project exploring the impact of goal striving stress and socioeconomic status on mental health in African American and Whites. She appreciated the guidance and down to earth nature of Dr. Mouzon. She felt like she was trusted to do her own research while receiving valuable feedback which contributed to her confidence in her project and the ability to critically think about it. Thomasina advises future Interns to know that the program is well worth it and that they “will probably not come by such a rare and great opportunity to learn in such a supporting environment.”

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