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Nelson Knight
Project L/EARN Intern - 2010
Nelson Knight
Patterns in Psychiatric Co-Morbidity and Mental Health Service Use in Transitional Youths
Kathleen Pottick, Ph.D.
School of Social Work

Nelson Knight is a rising senior at Rutgers University, where he has majors in psychology with a minor in sociology at the School of Arts and Sciences. Nelson decided to participate in Project L/EARN because he thought learning about research would be beneficial and hoped to learn more about research in the field of psychology.

Entering the program with high anticipation, Nelson highly values the environment made possible by the instructors, TA’s and other members of his cohort that provided him with the support he needed, helped him grow academically as well as personally. He states that the hardest thing about the program was learning how to multitask because there were often times when several assignments were due, while working on his own research project and group projects. Nelson admits that although learning how to multitask was difficult, it thought him how to work more efficiently and has better prepared him to take on future endeavors. Nelson’s career goals include attending graduate school in pursuit of a Psy.D. degree and becoming a cognitive behavioral therapist.

Nelson values the opportunity to work with his mentor, Dr. Kathleen Pottick on a project evaluating patterns of psychiatric co-morbidity and mental health service use in transitional age youths. He appreciates his mentor’s constructive criticism and acknowledges that it allow him to improve upon his research. In addition to providing information that was new and relevant to his research, Dr. Pottick has provided him with information that will be useful in his career development. Looking back on the program, Nelson would like future interns to know that they should “prepare to work as hard as possible to take advantage of the great opportunities Project L/EARN has to offer.”

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