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Jared Khan
Project L/EARN Intern - 2010
Jared Khan
Stigma in the Workplace: Employers’ Attitudes toward Mental Illness
Beth Angell

Jared Khan is a rising senior at Rutgers University, where he majors in public health. Jared decided to participate in Project L/EARN because it seemed like a good way to gain experience in his major. Until Project L/EARN, he did not have much experience in the Public Health field. He also recognized the value of the opportunity to work alongside experienced researchers.

Jared states that one of the best things about Project L/EARN is the support he received from the program staff. He notes that the pace of the program could be extremely exhausting at times, but it taught him to better manage his time and test various methods to improve his work efficiency. Jared also credits Project L/EARN with giving the opportunity to develop professionalism and networking skills. Currently undecided about his career goals, Jared’s future career interests include working on the individual level with “grassroots” state funded organizations. Before coming to Project L/EARN, Jared was unsure about attending graduate school, now he plans on obtaining a Master’s degree either in social work or public health.

Jared worked with his mentor, Dr. Beth Angell to evaluate employers’ attitudes towards mental illness and other stigmas. He appreciated his mentor’s ability to guide him in his research project. In addition to helping to improve his project, Jared states that his mentor provided him with advice on solidifying his career goals and motivated him to expand his horizons. Jared would like to tell future interns to “Hang in there. It is hard work, but the experience you obtain from this program is invaluable and will prepare you to go after whatever career you can imagine. The Project L/EARN staff honestly wants you to succeed, so ask for help whenever you need it.”

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