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Tim Hairston
Project L/EARN Intern - 2010
Tim Hairston
Father’s Influence on Adolescent Gang Involvement and Gang Delinquency
Antoinette Farmer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Social Work

Tim Hairston is a rising senior at Rutgers University where he majors in exercise science and sport studies and minors in psychology. He decided to participate in Project L/EARN because he was looking for the challenge of trying something that was not necessarily emphasized in his major. He felt that taking on the opportunity to experience research would be a valuable experience that would help him develop and expand his skill set.

Entering Project L/EARN, Tim looked forward to interacting with people from different disciplines to contribute to the learning atmosphere. Tim enjoyed being able to develop his networking skills with research professionals and learning to coordinate with his fellow interns in order to enhance the learning process. He notes that one of the hardest things about the program was balancing multiple assignments and working efficiently to make sure you can do high quality work. Tim has learned that time management is key to success in Project L/EARN as well as in the professional world. He is not sure on his future career goals, but has several interests, including working with youth through sports and perhaps opening a youth enrichment center. He also states that graduate school may be in his future plans.

Tim worked with his mentor, Dr. Antoinette Farmer to evaluate father’s influence on adolescent gang involvement and gang delinquency. Tim appreciates that his mentor was easy to relate to and provided him with guidance on his research project. She also remained positive and friendly throughout the program. Tim wants future interns to know that they should, “plan ahead and don’t slack…build strong bonds with your cohort to make the process easier.

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