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Lorenzo Luaces
Project L/EARN Intern - 2009
Lorenzo Luaces
Racial Differences in Suicidal Behavior Among Young Adults in the United States
Julie Phillips, Ph.D.
Department of Sociology

Lorenzo Luaces is a rising junior at the University of Puerto Rico where he majors in Psychology. As a COR student at his home university, Lorenzo was exposed to the field of research, but he felt he needed more experience and found Project L/EARN to be a perfect fit for his research interests. As an intern in Project L/EARN, Lorenzo says he learned more than statistics; he learned how to think like a researcher. Although he admits it was hard to adapt to the very different culture in an extended period of time, he is thankful for the friendships he cultivated with the other interns who were always eager to help him out.

This summer, Lorenzo worked with Dr. Julie Phillips, studying the racial variation among those experiencing suicidal ideations and attempts. Lorenzo appreciated his mentorís expertise in the subject, and even more so, being given the opportunity to use his own ideas in the execution of the project. Through his work this summer, he now realizes the importance of not only doing research, but putting it into practice. He can now see the many real implications that research has. His career goals include becoming a Clinical Psychologist and working in academia as a researcher.

Lorenzo credits the program with encouraging him not to limit himself, and he currently aspires to receive a PhD and an MD. After his ten week training, Lorenzo feels that the opportunity was worth the hard work.

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