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Francis Herrera
Project L/EARN Intern - 2009
Francis Herrera
Nurse staffing levels and Family Satisfaction in Massachusetts Nursing Homes
Dorothy Gaboda, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Data Analysis
Center for State Health Policy

Francis Herrera is a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is pursuing a BSN in Nursing. As an undergraduate student in the Nursing field, Francis is aware of the foundation that research provides for the progression of the field. As a nursing student, he aspires to help others, and realizes that research is an avenue within which to affect change for many. He feels that one of the most important tools that Project L/EARN provides is the opportunity to work with an expert in your field and to be able to apply your research skills to a particular topic of interest.

This summer, Francis worked with Dr. Dorothy Goboda and Dr. Judith Lucas. His project focused on quality of care in nursing homes, as measured by family satisfaction. Francis valued the opportunity to work with two mentors and when describing the experience, noted that it was extremely interesting to see how their views differed based on their backgrounds. Through his studies, he has learned how his current project relates to and furthers his field of study. His own career goals include becoming an advanced practice nurse and to eventually work as faculty at a school of nursing.

Francis credits the program with preparing him for graduate school by challenging his time management and organization skills. After his ten week training Francis feels encouraged, upon completion of his BSN, to pursue a Ph.D. in Nursing.

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