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Lobna Eldasher
Project L/EARN Intern - 2009
Lobna Eldasher
Identifying the Predictors of Amoxetine Initiation in Children Newly Diagnosed with ADHD
Scott Bilder, Ph.D.
on Pharmacotherapy, Chronic Disease Management and Outcomes

Lobna Eldasher is a rising junior at Rutgers University where she majors in Pharmacy at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy. As a student in a science field, she says she always thought of scientific research as taking place in the laboratory. The opportunity to participate in Project L/Earn has served to broaden her perspective on research as it applies to her interests. As an intern, she found the most important skill she learned to be how to use data analysis software, and how to interpret her findings.

This summer, Lobna worked with Scott Bilder on a project that sought to identify the predictors of Amoxetine use, a prescription drug used among children newly diagnosed with ADHD. She found that, although working as an undergraduate researcher, her mentorís high expectations and support of her work never made her feel unimportant.

Lobna appreciates this opportunity. It has allowed her to conduct graduate level research while still an undergraduate. She credits the program for helping her gain a broader appreciation for the field of research. After her ten week training, Lobna is considering several career options including working in a hospital-pharmacy based setting, working as a drug reviewer for the FDA, or pursuing a career in drug information.

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