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David Fakunle
Project L/EARN Intern - 2008
David Fakunle
Tobacco outlet density and demographics at the census tract level of analysis in New Jersey
Andrew Peterson
School of Social Work

David Fakunle is a rising senior at the University of Maryland, College Park. There he majors in Psychology, and Criminology and Criminal Justice. David heard of the program from a Project L/EARN alumnus who taught his Developmental Psychology course at the University of Maryland. After learning about the research training and experience provided by the program, he felt this was an opportunity he could not pass up. Although he feels he needed to adjust to the work load of the program, he believes participating in the program this summer was the best decision he made. He now knows the importance of research and appreciates the resources available to him. “I have learned so much and have gained many important contacts through the program.”

This summer David worked with Dr. N. Andrew Peterson. He enjoyed the experience of working with an encouraging professional and considers the opportunity of working with Dr. Peterson beyond Project L/EARN. David’s own passion is in psychology and counseling. He has experience working in local outreach agencies providing counseling to at risk youth in his hometown of Baltimore. His work as a preventative counselor provides at risk youth with a provocative yet sensible deterrence from behavior that leads to interaction with the juvenile justice system. After finishing his Bachelor’s degree David plans to go all the way to getting a Ph. D. but is unsure about what he will focus on.

David comes from a strong family of performers and his other interests include oration, singing and African drumming. He has been trained art African American storytelling since childhood, and currently participates in an all- male a cappella group at UMD.

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