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Janae Brown
Project L/EARN Intern - 2008
Janae Brown
Examining Race Differences in Depression in Females: Self-Salience as a Mediator
Sarah Rosenfield

Janae Brown is a rising senior at Morgan State University where she majors in Psychology. At Morgan State Janae participates in the NIMH-COR (Career Opportunities in Research Training and Education) program. She was introduced to Project L/EARN at the annual COR conference, by program director Diane Davis. After learning about the training involved she looked forward to opportunity to expand her knowledge and research skill beyond her COR experience. With her prior experience Janae has already been on track to a career in research; she says of the program “Yes. [I expected] that it was a lot of work. It tested my abilities and I didn’t fail the test.” In addition to the program’s intensity she appreciates the opportunity to network and meet fellow scholars who will be her future colleagues.

Janae worked with mentor Dr. Sarah Rosenfield for her summer project. She feels it was an honor to work with an expert on the topic she was exploring. She is also grateful for the kind and helpful attitude of Dr. Rosensfield. Janae’s project explores depression and self-salience, which she describes as a new and unique way of explaining depression. Her own research interests lie in the mental health disparities, and she hopes to develop better measures, prevention, and intervention strategies aimed at African Americans. “Community service, through everything you do,” is her passion. Janae plans to earn a Master’s Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Mental Health and then a doctorate in Clinical Community Psychology, and she says her experience with Project L/EARN has only solidified these goals.

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