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Yariela Bryan
Project L/EARN Intern - 2007
Yariela Bryan
How does lack of heatlh insurance vary by age and income?
Jane Miller, Ph.D.
E.J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Yariela M. Bryan is a rising senior at Rutgers College, where she majors in Public Health. Having grown up in a low-income neighborhood in New Jersey, Yari was motivated to pursue a better life for herself, her parents, and her siblings. As the youngest of four siblings, Yari is the third sibling in her family to have attended Rutgers University.

Always having had interests in both science and health, public health was a perfect fit for Yari. She sees research as a rewarding way to “make important contributions to society.” Her research interests encompass poverty and health policy, with an emphasis on health research. Yari plans to pursue a master’s and Ph.D. in Health Policy or Health Education, but also notes that the conference she attended this summer in Atlantic City, NJ, opened her eyes to the potential of pursuing a degree in epidemiology. Yari’s ultimate career goal is to establish a health clinic in Jersey City, NJ.

This summer, Yari worked with Prof. Jane E. Miller on a project entitled, “How Does Lack of Health Insurance Vary By Age and Income?” She describes Prof. Miller as “phenomenal” at analyzing statistics and putting them into perspective. She marvels about never knowing that “charts could be as fascinating as they are, until worked with her.” More importantly, she says that Prof. Miller made her even more excited about the idea of doing health research.

When reflecting on Project L/EARN, Yari notes that it was hard to complete all of the work in a short period of time without feeling overwhelmed, but having finished the program, says that she has a “much stronger mentality because of this program.”

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