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Calvin Stancil
Project L/EARN Intern - 2005
Calvin Stancil
Care Setting Determinants for Transitional Youth with SED
Scott Bilder, Ph.D.
on Pharmacotherapy, Chronic Disease Management and Outcomes

Calvin entered the program from Morehouse College, where he had been a rising senior in the school’s Sociology program. Calvin was originally interested in Project L/EARN because he felt it would give him stringent and rigorous preparation for graduate school, where he hopes to obtain a masters degree in Child Development and a Ph.D. in Psychology. Though he found the program to be ten times more demanding than he thought it would be, he says that the program has made him more interested in child psychology and motivates him to become a Child Life Specialist.

While Project L/EARN interns are immersed in learning statistical procedures all day, Calvin feels the best part of this experience was gathered from his mentor Scott Bilder. “He has such a mastery in stats that he makes even the most complicated procedures seem almost childlike. It’s definitely been a good experience; he was pivotal in me completing the project.”

Calvin’s project sought to determine differences in service receipt for transitional youth. According to his research, he has concluded that services for persons as they transition from youth to adulthood are not adequate to support them. Calvin reflects, “Project L/EARN has made me realize that the possibilities of my success are endless.”

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