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Jasmine Thompson
Project L/EARN Intern - 2005
Jasmine Thompson
Demographic and Attitudinal Predictors of Safety Net Utilization
Susan Brownlee, Ph.D.

Jasmine had been a student at Rutgers University where she was a Psychology major with interests in psychological processes and a penchant for the works of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung at the time of her internship. She became interested in Project L/EARN because she had been a part of the McNair program, a research internship offered during the summer at Rutgers University and she believed Project L/EARN would improve upon and hone research skills she acquired during her previous internship as well as offer specific experience in health-related research. She found that Project L/EARNís detailed and intense curriculum offered all she expected, resulting in a considerably better understanding of the research process and health-related issues. Jasmineís future plans include completing graduate studies and eventually obtaining her doctorate in Organizational or School Psychology. These steps will aid in achieving her ultimate goal of a productive career in the educational system. In addition to the important statistical skills Jasmine has developed, Project L/EARN has given her the opportunity to make friends and work in a supportive academic environment that taught diligence and perseverance. Jasmineís project seeks to determine the composition of safety net and emergency room users in New Jersey. She is interested in further developing this project in the upcoming academic year.

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