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Tracey Timmon
Project L/EARN Intern - 2004
Tracey Timmon
Age-related Differences in Preventive Care among Women with Diabetes in New Jersey
Dorothy Gaboda, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Data Analysis
Center for State Health Policy

Tracey had been a Rehabilitation Services major at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore during the time of her internship. A major reason she chose to attend the University was its size; she believes the smaller size affords for easier communication and better relationships with fellow students and faculty. Tracey heard of Project L/EARN through a friend who suggested the program might be of interest; she decided to apply when she realized that she and faculty at the institute shared similar interests. Project L/EARN has opened her eyes to the possibility of a career in health related research. Consequently, she no longer feels limited to a career in physical therapy although she still plans to obtain a doctorate from the University of Maryland’s three-year doctoral program in Physical Therapy. Tracey found that the program forced her to stay up on her work. It was easier for her to deal with the challenges presented throughout the summer by realizing that “everyone has their weaknesses and that sometimes you aren’t the only one struggling.” She appreciates the unique experience and opportunity she had to broaden her horizons and learn new concepts and ideas in a foreign environment. The main aim of Tracey’s research project had been to evaluate age related differences in preventive services among women with diabetes in New Jersey. This attempts to determine whether younger or older women utilize preventive services and also to identify other factors that contribute to their usage of these services.

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