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Nnenna Maduforo
Project L/EARN Intern - 2004
Nnenna Maduforo
Major Depression, Diabetes Treatment, and Quality of Diabetic Care
Usha Sambamoorthi

Nnenna Maduforo had been a Biology and Public Health double major at Livingston College (Rutgers University). Nnenna chose to leave her home in Washington D.C. to attend Rutgers University because of the attractive financial package and the strong science program offered at the University. She plans to attend medical school and eventually open a health care and recreational facility for inner city residents.

As a result of Project L/EARN, Nnenna has been able to develop discipline and strong organizational skills. Completing the rigorous coursework was challenging at first, but through patience and utilizing the knowledge gained throughout the ten weeks she was able to meet the challenge. Nnenna had also enjoyed working with the interns and hopes to maintain contact throughout the upcoming school year. In addition to the skills developed during summer, she has also gained “a greater appreciation for issues surrounding her project.” Nnenna’s research seeks to determine whether a difference exists in treatment and quality of care in diabetic patients with and without depression.

Nnenna concedes that though she complained and struggled at times, Project L/EARN has changed her; she is not the same person she was at the beginning of that summer. She appreciates the challenge the program presented and is appreciative of the opportunity she had to be a part of Project L/EARN 2004.

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