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Noemi Vega
Project L/EARN Intern - 2004
Noemi Vega
Definitions of Culture and Cultural Competence with a Dash of Ethnic Identity
Peter Guarnaccia, Ph.D.
Department of Human Ecology

Noemi Vega is entering her senior year at California State University Fresno where her major is Psychology. She has spent much of her life in Mexico and California. Noemi currently resides in Paso Robles California with her family where she is the oldest of five children.

Although Project L/EARN is far away from her home in California, she was more than eager to become acclimated with the east coast, taking advantage of the Project L/EARN experience. Noemi notes that the program has been “…well worth her time”. It has given her the opportunity to add to her body of knowledge and indulge in the work of experienced researchers. Dr. Shawna Hudson, the Director of Community Research and Evaluation at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey and a mentor for the program, was instrumental in Noemi’s understanding of qualitative software.

While Project L/EARN has provided Noemi with immense research experience, she is no stranger to it all. She has worked on several research projects in the Psychology department at her university. In ddition, Noemi has volunteered two years of her time to the Mexican American Prevalence and Services Survey (MAPSS) project. Her desire to aide those who are disadvantaged has lead to volunteering her time at an after school program in the Fresno area.

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