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Melodie Hodge
Project L/EARN Intern - 2003
Melodie Hodge
Impact of Childhood Religion on Midlife Mental Health
Deborah Carr

Melodie had been a student of Rutgers college, where she had majored in Psychology. She had also been a Carr Scholar. Over the course of Project L/EARN she learned the “important role of research in order to facilitate effective social change and enhance the lives of others in need”. She had particularly appreciated the opportunity to work collaboratively with her fellow interns as well as, attending the weekly joint sessions with the Ronald E. McNair program.

In the times following her internship, Melodie had intended to apply to several doctoral programs in Social Psychology such as: the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago. She had also planned to participate in the Henry Rutgers Honors Thesis where she intended to expand upon her summer research project with an added focus on the differences between Eastern and Western religions.

Ultimately, Melodie would like to work at an academic institution where she may continue to conduct research that is suited to her own research interest. She also would like to teach courses that incorporate dimensions of religion in a sociological context.

Under the mentorship of Dr. Deborah Carr, Melodie’s study examined the importance of religion in the childhood years as it relates to adulthood wellbeing. This study found significant differences among religious preferences in terms of the potential impact on overall well-being in the midlife years.

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