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Ozelia Lowe
Project L/EARN Intern - 2002
Ozelia Lowe
Delinquency & Divorce: Does Delinquency Increase when Parents Divorce?
Allan Horwitz, Ph.D.
Board of Governors Professor
Department of Sociology

Ozelia had been a double major in Economics and Sociology at Rutgers College. Her mentor had been Dr. Horwitz, one of her professors from the Sociology department. Ozelia analyzed the adolescent wave of a longitudinal data set collected by the Rutgers Alcohol Research Center over the past two decades.

Ozelia found the summer research training program intense and challenging. She feels the instructional staff is one of the key strengths of the program. “The fact that they have all been through the program and know what it is like differentiates them from most instructors. They actually care whether you do well…”

In preparing the literature review for her research paper, Ozelia reports learning a lot about divorce and the effects it has on children, their emotional well being, as well as which age groups are most affected. She anticipates delaying graduate training for a year to gain further insight into this topic. Ozelia has yet to decide on a career path, vacillating between business and social work.

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