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New Developing Center Grant Awarded to Nancy Wolff, P.I.

The first NIMH developing center grant will fund the Center for Mental Health Services & Criminal Justice Research which will be launched on September 1, 2002. The new center focuses exclusively on mental health services issues that arise when persons with mental illness have encounters with the criminal justice system. The Center is designed to improve the ways in which the mental health and criminal justice (CJ) systems respond to the needs of persons with mental illness and to inform the policies that are intended to affect these responses. This objective will be accomplished by building a multidisciplinary team of researchers that will communicate with and respond to practitioners, policy makers, advocacy groups, and consumers. The Center's research agenda will focus on two areas: Precursors to the criminal encounter will focus on the individual with mental illness and how that person comes to the attention of the CJ system and Processing dynamics will focus on how the CJ system responds to the individual's mental illness as the person moves through the CJ continuum.

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