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Faculty Books:
Allan Horwitz Receives Best Faculty Book Award
Congratulations to Allan Horwitz who has been awarded the Best Faculty Book award from the American Sociological Association's Section on Evolution, Biology & Society for his book "All We Have to Fear: Psychiatry's Transformation of Natural Anxieties into Mental Disorders" [with J.C. [ More...]

Deborah Carr Named Editor of The Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences
The Gerontological Society of America (GSA), the country’s largest interdisciplinary organization devoted to the field of aging, has named Deborah Carr as the next editor of The Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, effective January, 2015. [ More...]

Tobias Gerhard’s et al article, “Comparative Mortality Risks of Antipsychotic Medications in Community-Dwelling Older Adults” in British Journal of Psychiatry Receives Notable Editorial by Clive Ballard (and colleagues)
Tobias Gerhard et al clarify our understanding of mortality associated with antipsychotic use in people with dementia by demonstrating a clear dose relationship and highlighting key questions regarding the relative mortality risk of different atypical antipsychotics. [ More...]

Margaret Marsh and Wanda Ronner Receive RWJF Investigator Award
Margaret Marsh, Ph.D., Rutgers University and Wanda Ronner, M.D., University of Pennsylvania have been awarded a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award in Health Policy Research. [ More...]

Developing a Strategic Plan for Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences
On July 1, 2013, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) became the health care education, research, and clinical division of Rutgers University. [ More...]

David Mechanic Delivers the Annual John Eisenberg Legacy Lecture
David Mechanic delivered the annual John Eisenberg Legacy Lecture at the Philip R Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at the University of California, San Francisco on February 6, 2014. [ More...]

Stephen Crystal and Colleagues Play Key Role in Development of Proposed New HEDIS Measures
The release of the new national HEDIS measures on “Safe and Judicious Antipsychotic Use in Children and Adolescents” for public comment by NCQA draws on the research of Stephen Crystal and colleagues, leaders in the MEDNET consortium and the Rutgers CERTs, who along with partner states and collaborators developed and tested the evidence-based practices in multi-state mental health authorities. Development of the new metrics into proposed national quality metrics has been the product of cooperative efforts among several AHRQ-funded programs including the Institute for Health’s Center for Health Services Research on Pharmacotherapy, Chronic Disease Management and Outcomes headed by Stephen Crystal. [ More...]

Celebrating David Mechanic/Endowment
We honor David Mechanic, eminent sociologist, distinguished scholar, pioneering leader and extraordinary mentor and colleague to recognize the range of his achievements, his 34 years of service to Rutgers and the far-reaching impact he has had on the many people and organizations he has helped advance.

An endowment has been established to recognize David’s lifetime contributions to health research and policy to fund scholarships, fellowships and research studies by faculty.
[ More...]

Julie Livingston Wins 'Genius Grant'
Julie Livingston, a professor of history and associate member of the Institute, has been named a MacArthur Fellow by the James D. [ More...]

Tobias Gerhard Appointed to FDA’s Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee
Tobias Gerhard, Associate Professor at the Institute for Health and the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, has been appointed to the FDA’s Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee for a term ending on May 31, 2017. [ More...]

Ongoing Studies at the Clinical Research Center
The Clinical Research Center within the Institute is home to two innovative psychosocial, mind-body studies and one biomarker study. Dr. Danielle McCarthy is developing and refining treatments to help people stop smoking cigarettes. [ More...]

Publications: All Publications
Outpatient Psychotropic Medication Use in the US: A Comparison Based on ...
Lynn A. Warner, Na Kyoung Song and Kathleen J. Pottick
Using data from the Client/Patient Sample Survey, a nationally representative study of outpatient mental health service utilization, the prevalence and [ More...]

Clinical Characteristics and Outpatient Mental Health Service Use of Transition-Age ...
Kathleen J. Pottick, Lynn A. Warner, Ann Vander Stoep, and Nelson M. Knight
This study examines diagnostic and service utilization patterns of transition-age youth in outpatient care derived from the 2007 nationally representative [ More...]

The Chicago Guide to Writing about Multivariate Analysis, 2nd Edition
Jane E. Miller
Social scientists, physicians, educators, policymakers, and others depend on the results of multivariate models to inform their decisions. Researchers [ More...]

Anxiety: A Short History (Johns Hopkins Biographies of Disease)
Allan V. Horwitz
More people today report feeling anxious than ever before—even while living in relatively safe and prosperous modern societies. Almost one in five people [ More...]

Fictive Kinship: Family Reunification and the Meaning of Race and Nation ...
Catherine Lee
Today, roughly 70 percent of all visas for legal immigration are reserved for family members of permanent residents or American citizens. Family reunification [ More...]

Mental Health and Social Policy: Beyond Managed Care, 6th edition
David Mechanic, Donna D. McAlpine, David A. Rochefort
Rooted in research findings that support an evidence-based orientation to treatment and recovery, the sixth edition of Mental Health and Social Policy [ More...]

Can Family Relationships Explain the Race Paradox in Mental Health?
Dawne M. Mouzon
Biomedical research consistently finds that Blacks have worse physical health than Whites, an expected pattern given Blacks’ greater exposure to psychosocial [ More...]

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